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After working as a business journalist for eight years, I started Vivid Minds as a venture to inspire leaders to share their authentic stories about the challenges and struggles they have gone through. When we are navigating through a lifestorm, we are all looking for compassion and need to hear from those who have gone through similar experiences.

I met people who have gone through deep depression, but they never talked about it fearing that it would turn away their investors, partners or even friends. That’s how we are taught to act in society – to showcase our positive sides and be strong.

I wanted to create a community-driven outlet to connect people who are going through their darkest moments or just turning points in lives with those who have been there and have the courage to share their stories. I now see Vivid Minds as a medium around Mental Health, where one can not only read human-interest stories, but also learn techniques and tools that help others to navigate their lifestorms.

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This is an independent project, which doesn’t make any profit as of now, so If you find it useful, please consider donating as much as you can.