Vivid Minds (VM) is on a mission to deliver meaningful stories which are not affected by traffic numbers, sponsorships and advertising, or hype topics.
We are not here to make money yet we need them in order to sustain our reporters and editors.

We would love to hire more great writers who spend tens of hours on each piece to deliver high quality work and often live in expensive cities. And we want to pay them well.

From the outside, a story might look like a quick task. That’s not usually the case, however. Here is an example of the work that is required for one of our stories:

We are committed to providing an international perspective, so many people we interview are more comfortable with speaking in their own language.

Let’s take our piece about ​​Nia Gvatua, the owner of Success bar, the only gay bar in Georgia.

One of our reporters met with her in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and had an honest conversation in the Georgian language. She then translated the story into Russian, because that was her second language, and it was easier to convey shades of words that way.

After that, we translated it into English and sent it to our American proofreader, and afterwards, we published it. We’ve also worked on the pictures, inserted quotes, and worked on the readability. This one piece required three editors plus a proofreader who gives the copy a final read before publishing.

During the pandemic, we spoke with people from China, Italy, Germany, and other countries besides the US where VM was born and is now based.

We believe this international perspective is important and we will continue bringing a glimpse on leaders around the world.

In the world of TikTok and Instagram, it’s not easy to sustain a longform story! We are determined to continue no matter what, and we also plan to add videos and high quality photography in the future (requires more money!).

Help us today and send us a line on what (or who!) you like to read about next. Receive invitations to our private events in the US and Europe and get consulting from our partners (leaders in their fields in the US and Europe!). Shoot us an email at

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