The Vivid Minds is a space for doers — adventurous leaders who take risks and aim to make an impact. There is nothing easy about starting a new venture; any successful founder has dealt with their fair share of loss, debt, doubt and struggle. Whether you’re handling a life obstacle or want to get your latest passion project off the ground, these accounts will show you how leaders from around the world have faced and rose above the challenges as they strove to make something new.

Since arriving in New York (read my VM story) in 2016, the local community has shaped me and shifted my perspective. I meet doers here all the time. They are bold and convincing, but they are also vulnerable and willing to share. I am often inspired by their stories of challenges that seemed insurmountable, but from which they learned and emerged stronger.

In our fast-paced, competitive world, this ability to open up has taken on a new importance — vulnerability is the new paradigm, and I created The Vivid Minds in order to celebrate it.

In addition to our weekly story, The Vivid Minds encourages the formation of real-world connections with the founders, artists and changemakers featured here via in-person meetings and panel discussions. Our goal is to develop a compassionate community of leaders who are ready to help and share; any person featured here can be reached by emailing me at with a short intro and your questions. Together, we’re making a space where the human stories behind big ideas can be catalogued and celebrated — and we want you to be a part of it.

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